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There are two contrasting types of personality (Type A Personality and type B Personality); The most competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient, and highly conscious time management and/or aggressive characters are categorized as Type A. while more relaxed, less nervous, β€œfrenzied”, β€œinterpretable”, and named-type characters B.

Type A Personality and type B Personality. Theory of Analytical Psychology theories appeared in the 1950s and is sometimes known as (Andrew Goldsmith’s Theory). which describes two different types of characters: the competing personality (A) and the quiet personality (B). Despite all the criticisms leveled at the theory. many researchers still use the term personality A and personality B to describe characters.

The term personality pattern (A, B) is considered a relatively recent term. and this term has been widely used in many fields, especially in the field of behavior, psychology, and sociology. It should be noted that this term was used after one of the hospitals in the United States failed to find a close relationship between cardiovascular disease and patients as it linked them to gender, age, gender, and color, but it did not reach a sign between patients and these variables. Therefore, a behavioral study was conducted on these patients to find out the relationship between the disease and the patients based on their behavior. They came in two different groups, one of which was called the Type A Personality and the other was called the type B Personality.


Type A Personality
Type A Personality

Type A Personality was first described as a factor leading to heart disease in the early 1950s by cardiologist (Mayer Friedman). After a 10-year study of healthy people between the ages of 35 and 59, Friedman suggested that Character A doubled the incidence of heart disease. The result of this research led to the emergence of “healthy psychology”, which tests the effect of a person’s mindset and thinking on his health.

One of the characteristics of type A personality is that he is in a hurry and impatient to lose time and does two things simultaneously. He is also intense, violent and competitive, does not enjoy his spare time and always feels under pressure.

A members of type A Personality are characterized by being ambitious, predisposing to attack, administrative, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, always preoccupied with themselves and appreciating much time, and somewhat arrogant. They are also usually addicted to their jobs, competing to achieve goals, hating delaying things and being able to work with many things at the same time.

The study indicated that the person most exposed to stress is the type of personality (A) and therefore he is more likely to develop cardiovascular disease while type (B) is the least exposed.

 Friedman, in his book “Personality A: Diagnosis and Treatment” in 1996, suggested that Person A has three symptoms:

 1- Aggression that can arise for the most trivial reasons.

2- Their interest in time is very severe and impatient. which usually causes them problems and causes them to be delayed a lot. Β 3- Great competitive sense, which leads to continuous pressure and constant thinking about success and overcoming the other.

What are some traits of a type A personality?

There isn’t a firm definition of what it means to have a type A personality, and traits can vary slightly from person to person.

Having a type A personality often means you find your time very valuable. People might describe you as motivated, impatient, or both. Your thoughts and internal processes likely focus on concrete ideas and the immediate tasks at hand.

Another characteristic that defines Type A personality is impatience or sense of urgency. No matter the situation, these people want everything right away. These people have a hard time waiting and have a great need to solve problems immediately. Clearly, this leads them to make wrong decisions due to impulsiveness and imprudence. Waiting is not in their vocabulary because they basically have a different perception of time than the rest. They may even prefer to lower the quality of their work in exchange for finishing it faster.

Other traits of a type A personality?

A sense of urgency around work may lead you to try tackling multiple things at once, often without a break. You may also be prone to criticizing yourself, especially if you had to leave something undone or feel you didn’t do a good job.

Type A Personality be more likely to experience stress when faced with delays or other challenges that affect success.

Those with Type A personality are extremely goal-oriented. Thus, they strive to give the best of themselves and stand out from the rest in most situations. Mind you, Type A personality don’t give up easily.

The competitiveness of this Type A personality also leads to a very high level of self-demand since they seek success in pretty much everything they do. For Type A personality people, achieving a goal is a satisfactory experience. In fact, reaching an active goal is these people’s cerebral reward. They want to be the best in everything they do. Being able to show the best performance in stressful or challenging situations is important to them.

Attributes of type A personality and his relationship with life partner

Type A Personality

Characteristics of type A Personality Life Partner:

1- He doesn’t like to waste his time:

This pattern is most often one of the cases that wears a watch, and if they do not wear a watch, they tend to look repeatedly at the mobile phone watch. The time they have is very important, whether in moments of seriousness or play. When this pattern has an appointment and his fiancΓ©e and one minute is late, he thinks about leaving her and annuling his engagement with her, so the woman should pay attention to this important point.

When he is in the traffic jam or waiting for the treating doctor, he suffers from impatience and tends to feel frustrated by the idea of ​​waiting. Here his blood pressure rises, as he suffers from the idea that he does not have enough time to do what he wants.

2- Interrupting type A Personality during the conversation:

Type A Personality tends to interrupt others when speaking, but he does not interrupt because he sees the conversation that the other side says is not important. But he is boycotting the other side because he is in a hurry, and he wants to get his ideas out, and ignoring the idea that the conversation is a connection between two sides and not just one side.

3- Intense focus at work:

His work comes first, as he often has his own work that he runs, because he does not like to be told what he has to do, and his head is full of new ideas awaiting implementation. This type A Personality’s life partner must accept the idea that he is likely to spend much of his day in his office, and that public holidays, and holidays, will be there for him at work as well. He is a work addict and often may not be available when you want to contact him.

4- Get everything done quickly and correctly:

In the home, type A Personality wants to do everything as quickly as possible, as efficiently as he is at work. He organizes everything by color, and this can be silly for a life partner. But controlling the environment around him makes him feel safe and happy and he also tends to correct his mistakes.

5- This type A Personality finds it difficult to relax:

Relaxation is not one of his enjoyable activities, and he also tends to eat and swallow food quickly even in romantic meetings in a nice and romantic restaurant, because he loves to finish one thing in order to start accomplishing something else. But if he notices that his life partner has an average speed in performing tasks, he can slow it down to fit in with her and enjoy their time.

Type A Personality also has difficulty sleeping at night. When he puts his head on his pillow, he soon comes to his head, thinking about work, school, or hobbies. The wife should not be fed up when her husband wakes during the night while he is by her side, as he has not slept from the beginning.

6- Enjoy physical activity:

type A Personality loves running, climbing and all activities that are risky and challenging. He loves somewhat violent sports, as he does not like soft, easy sports. Especially if he is fit and healthy and has an excellent heart.

7- Nervousness in this type A Personality:

A type A Personality suffers from nervousness, which is biting nails or clicking on a table. This is according to research conducted by Friedman. noting that patients who had heart disease had the habit of biting nails or clicking on the table.

8- Type A Personality is perfect:

Type A Personality feels more stress and tension than other people. Because he cares about idealism and the love of perfection. because in all aspects of his life he wants to accomplish everything to the fullest. He remembers everyone around his birthday and makes sure everyone spends a good time at the party.

9- Other characteristics:

– Spends a great time planning and dividing tasks. He plans everything, and keeps a note with him writing down the tasks he wants to accomplish.

Type A Personality feels so busy that he can’t get into a relationship with his life partner. Therefore, he does not make an effort to make the relationship with the other party a success.

– He desires to be the focus of attention and to capture the attention of those around him.

Type A Personality loves solving problems, and he believes that each problem has more than one solution.

How to deal with a personal life partner (A):

1- Effective communication with him. and paying attention to that when he is in control this means that there are needs of the wife that are overlooked.

2- Researching and knowing the characteristics of personality type (A). in order to understand his actions and the ability to predict them in the future.

3- Help him to relax, as he finds it difficult to relax.

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